Being a lawyer wasn’t my first career choice…

despite my father’s not-so-subtle suggestion during my senior year of college. Instead, I spent nearly a decade in the social and human services non-profit sector, working to create the kind of world in which I wanted to live; one with kindness, compassion, and justice. The years I spent in those jobs helped me develop the people skills that clients sometimes find their attorneys lack.

At some point along the way, I came to the realization that I really liked (and was good at) being a problem-preventer. Different from a problem-solver, a problem-preventer excels at identifying potential (or likely) on-coming problems and creating, facilitating, and implementing solutions to ensure those problems don’t materialize, or at the very least, are minimized. 

Being a problem-preventer in the social and human services non-profit sector is no easy task; the majority of time and resources are dedicated to problem-solving. As I looked for a way to be more of a problem-preventer, I ended up taking my dad's advice. I went to law school. 

As my client, you will receive personalized and thorough solutions for your estate planning needs. Because I'm focused on serving your needs first and foremost, I'm not going to sell you on services that are beyond your needs, require that you meet with me more than is necessary, or refer you out to (non-attorney) service providers unless you specifically ask for those connections. I’m committed to working for you: preventing problems for you down the road and meeting your short- and long-term goals.

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Heather helped us efficiently create estate planning documents shortly after the birth of our first child. She is friendly, explains everything very clearly, and I felt well-supported throughout the process; it was easy and I’m happy we worked with her.
— A.J., Chapel Hill, NC