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Talking to Parents About Estate Planning: 5 Tips

If it's time to talk with your parents about estate planning but you're not quite sure how to start, these five tips from Ampersand Law will help you begin the conversation.

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Estate Planning: How to Begin - 5 Tips

Starting a conversation with your loved ones (whether it be your parents, your partner, your siblings, your children, or others) about estate planning can feel overwhelming for many reasons. Here are five tips to help you begin.

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Q&A: How complicated is it to write a will?

QUESTION: How complicated is it to write a will?

ANSWER: Probably less complicated than you think!

I regularly hear, "it's too complicated," as one of the main reasons people haven't written a will. For people with blended families, complicated finances, numerous lengthy and specific property distribution bequests, and/or vast amounts of wealth - yes, it can be complicated.

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7 Deadly (But Avoidable) Estate Planning Mistakes

Getting your estate plan documents written is (more than) half the battle. But, before you shove those freshly signed, witnessed, and notarized documents in a drawer somewhere and forget about them (and by the way, don't do that!) - please be sure you aren't making one of these seven deadly estate planning mistakes - they are all totally avoidable!

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The Letter You Write After You Finish Your Estate Plan...

You've just finished your estate plan and you're feeling like celebrating, as you should be! It's certainly a good time to spend a few moments congratulating yourself on a nice bit of "adulting accomplished" (my grown-up version of "mischief managed"). But after you've taken that victory lap, don't forget your work isn't quite done yet...

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