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&Law Guest Post: Navigating the Healthcare System with a Patient Advocate

A note of introduction from Heather: Amber Sniff is a patient advocate in Durham, NC. She was an ICU and ER nurse for 10 years and now works to guide patients and their families through the health care system. Amber and I have had a number of conversations about her work now, as well as her experience as a nurse, and the interesting ways all of it intersects with my work as an estate planning attorney.

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Making Your Estate Plans Extensions of Your Co-Parenting Agreement

The thought of creating even more legal documents while going through a divorce, as well as after a divorce, probably isn’t high on anyone’s list. But estate planning (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.*) is something very important to consider, discuss, and take care of as a part of the divorce process - particularly if you are co-parenting children with someone to whom you are no longer married.

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