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Talking to Parents About Estate Planning: 5 Tips

If it's time to talk with your parents about estate planning but you're not quite sure how to start, these five tips from Ampersand Law will help you begin the conversation.

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The Truth About Being an Executor

The Executor (or Executrix or Personal Representative) is the person (or people) you name in your Will who will be responsible for carrying out the terms of the document after you die. The exact duties vary from state to state, and can even vary within a state based on the specifications of different Wills. But, generally speaking, an Executor is responsible for things like:

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&Law Guest Post: Navigating the Healthcare System with a Patient Advocate

A note of introduction from Heather: Amber Sniff is a patient advocate in Durham, NC. She was an ICU and ER nurse for 10 years and now works to guide patients and their families through the health care system. Amber and I have had a number of conversations about her work now, as well as her experience as a nurse, and the interesting ways all of it intersects with my work as an estate planning attorney.

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True or False: Having a Will = Avoiding Probate


Your Will controls what happens to your probate property when you die. (What's probate property? Dive deep into the blog archive here to find out). And....Probate property is subject to probate...

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"I'll just get an internet will."

Sometimes when I'm speaking with a potential client - they ask me why they should work with an attorney when they could just buy a will off the internet. It's a valid question - and as someone who enjoys DIY and bargains - I can appreciate the initial appeal.

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Estate Planning: How to Begin - 5 Tips

Starting a conversation with your loved ones (whether it be your parents, your partner, your siblings, your children, or others) about estate planning can feel overwhelming for many reasons. Here are five tips to help you begin.

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Q&A: When Should I Rewrite My Will?

QUESTION: When should I rewrite my will?

ANSWER: It depends on what has changed in your life since it was first written. Keep reading to find out some of the most common times when revision is either a good idea or even necessary.

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Property: Probate or Non-Probate?

Whether you know it or not, in estate planning terms all of your property falls into one of two categories: probate or non-probate. This matters because Wills typically only control what happens to probate property. (And if you're currently sighing a bit and thinking, “here we go...” you're not alone.)

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Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up + Hygge + Estate Planning = Döstädning

If your social media feed is anything like mine the past 4-ish weeks, it's been filled with all sorts of people trying to change their life through the magic of tidying up, thanks to Marie Kondo and / or getting cozy at home through a different kind of magic called hygge. In other words, a new year.

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Making Your Estate Plans Extensions of Your Co-Parenting Agreement

The thought of creating even more legal documents while going through a divorce, as well as after a divorce, probably isn’t high on anyone’s list. But estate planning (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.*) is something very important to consider, discuss, and take care of as a part of the divorce process - particularly if you are co-parenting children with someone to whom you are no longer married.

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Can Preparing for Death Actually Help You Live Better?

Today (Halloween) is a holiday with a rich backstory. A quick skim of the Wikipedia page on Halloween reveals a number of traditions celebrating today (and the few days that follow) as a way to honor the memories of our loved ones who have died. The timing of Abundance NC's annual Death Faire (this year, November 3 in Pittsboro) is not coincidental. They offer this event as "an attempt at changing our culture around death, dying, and ultimately living well."

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Q&A: How complicated is it to write a will?

QUESTION: How complicated is it to write a will?

ANSWER: Probably less complicated than you think!

I regularly hear, "it's too complicated," as one of the main reasons people haven't written a will. For people with blended families, complicated finances, numerous lengthy and specific property distribution bequests, and/or vast amounts of wealth - yes, it can be complicated.

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