Emergency Preparedness: Two FREE Things to Do RIGHT NOW

Emergency Preparedness: Two Free Things

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If you’re like me, you’ve been watching Hurricane Dorian with wary eyes for days now. While many emergency preparedness “to-dos” take time & money, here’s two extremely important ones that are free and doable right now:

  1. Set the emergency contacts & medical info in your phone. (Don’t know how? Google “emergency contacts iPhone” or “emergency contacts Android” or “emergency contacts _insert_your_phone_brand_here”). This will allow first responders to gain emergency access to your phone to get in touch with your emergency contacts and/or have your urgent medical information (and some phones have additional emergency features & settings you may find useful).

  2. Create an “in case of emergency” plan for your household. A few things to consider: if you are at home - who is nearby that you can ask for help? If you are at work - what do you need covered at home? If you can’t reach your go-to emergency contact, who is your back-up contact? Does your household have a “safe meeting place”?