5 Emotional Blocks to Estate Planning

There are many reasons people avoid Estate Planning. If you're one of those folks who is avoiding it, you're not alone! About 60% of adult Americans don't have wills!

Recently, I came across this article on The Balance and thought they did a nice job of summarizing 5 of the common emotional blocks people have to estate planning:

  1. The "D" Word. AKA facing your own mortality and thinking about your death.

  2. Giving Up Control. AKA thinking about what might happen to your assets after you die.

  3. Dealing With a Lawyer. Here's a word of the day for you: dikigorosophobia - fear of lawyers!

  4. The Cost. AKA "How much is THIS gonna cost me?"

  5. Family Ties. AKA facing the reality of various family issues and how they'll play out after you die.

Truth: these are real and valid emotional blocks. But here's another truth: letting these (and/or other) emotional blocks prevent you from estate planning will almost certainly cause more headache and heartache for the loved ones you'll leave behind when you die.

And that leads me to the ultimate truth about estate planning: it's not for you, not really. It's for the loved ones you'll leave behind.

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